Can I have a fence installed in the fall and winter season?

The rain and cold weather is officially here.  In BC we are not strangers to a wet, cold and freezing autumn and winter season.  The temperatures and conditions are generally alot less ideal, especially for installing a new fence.  So, the big question still remains, can I have a new fence installed in the winter?  [...]

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Progressive Fence is dedicated to safety.  We have applied for COR certification which holds us accountable and diligent in the safety of both our customers and crews.

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Welcome to Progressive Fence New Blog

We are very happy to announce the completion and launch of our new and improved website! Progressive Fence has proudly served the Greater Vancouver area for over 30 years and in that time, we've seen and built it all.  Founded in 1981, Progressive Fence is a leader in the commercial and residential fence industry.   [...]

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