Can I have a fence installed in the fall and winter season?

The rain and cold weather is officially here.  In BC we are not strangers to a wet, cold and freezing autumn and winter season.  The temperatures and conditions are generally alot less ideal, especially for installing a new fence.  So, the big question still remains, can I have a new fence installed in the winter?  How will it affect the installation?
Most people are surprised when they are told that it typically has a small (if any) affect at all! Working with a professional fence company for installation is actually a little easier during the cold and raining season.  If you were to try to install a fence by yourself then the answer would be much different.


While there are several elements to consider when installing a fence even in the best of weather, our experienced staff can help guide you through the process and make it a stress free and ideal time to build your new fence.


One of the main challenges is that during the winter time the ground is typically frozen, making it difficult to hand dig holes.  A professional installer has power tools and equipment to make their way through the frozen ground.  We have the knowledge and experience required to minimize any adverse conditions and to ensure the proper and efficient installation of your new fence.


If you are considering building a new fence, winter may just be the perfect time.  Give Progressive Fence a call today to speak to one of our estimators on how easy and convenient a winter install can be.

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